Crash Action Plan

Emotions are the reason why many investors buy high and sell low. In order to avoid that I try to detach my emotions from investing. The market is crashing in average every 12 years, so I should experience 7 crashes in my life and thought that having an action plan would be the way to… Continue reading

Level 0: Know where you are

Most people I talked with about optimising their finances, didn’t know where they actually stand. Do you? If yes, you should be able to answer these questions precisely: My assets are: ____________ My debt is: ____________ My income is: ____________ My expenses are: ____________ Based on these 4 numbers, you can state: My net-worth is:… Continue reading

How to calculate my income?

Defining income sounds easy, but it actually isn’t. Even wikipedia has a hard time to define it, since the meaning differs from the perspective (law, economics, etc.). To keep it simple you can add up every income source you have, like: How to define the amount per Income source? I take the value which is… Continue reading